Care Sheet

Care Sheet

At PussyPunchToys we believe your sexual health and care is as important as your play time. Which is why we have designed this fun, online sheet to help you care for yourself and your new toy easily.  


PussyPunchToys is an independent, UK business that specialises in handmade silicone toys that brighten up your sex life and give your bedroom kinks the Punch they need.


All Toys from Pussy Punch are 100% body safe as well as totally vegan and cruelty free!  

Each toy has been made using only ethically sourced pigments and are completely non toxic. All materials used at PussyPunchToys are either EN71 part 3 (EU Toy Safety) or FDA approved, making them completely safe for body use. With no nasty extra chemical smells. 


Hygiene and Cleaning 

If you're like us, then the first question you will all ask yourself, post orgasmic glow is ‘how do I clean my new PussyPunchToy’? and in truth, it's a really important question and one that we should all be asking every time we play!  Cleaning your sex toys helps to prevent infections; as bacteria can linger on your toys if they aren’t washed properly and regularly. So, to keep your most sensitive areas free from infection you should always wash your toys after every single use!! 

Always use mild antibacterial soap when cleaning your new toy, the same type you'd use on your own body. You can use warm water or hot, and with a damp cloth simply wipe the toy clean.

For a deeper clean which is recommend after every 3/6 months, depending of frequency of use, simply place your new silicone toy in boiling water for eight to 10 minutes.  

Once your new toy is squeaky clean, you should make sure to dry it off completely with a clean, dry towel. Remember to store your toy in a silk lined bag or sealable case, something washable would be an advantage as this will prevent bacteria from gathering on the surface and allow you a chance to clean the bag periodically to ensure full safety and cleanliness. 

Now that your toy is cleaned and stored safely away, ensure that no oils, powders or perfumes are in close contact as this may cause any irritants to be picked up which can cause harm the next time you are using the toy. 




Useful Tips!


  • Porous vs. non-porous materials. Try to avoid any and all porous toys as these can gather bacteria inside the toy even after a deep and sterile clean. This includes materials such as TPE or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is worth noting that most ‘clear’ silicone is NOT body safe. This is not true of all makers some wonderful smaller makers spend a lot of money buying high quality silicone, however, if the toy is clear and cheap, its probably not body safe and can be porous, leading to possible infections. 
  • Non-porous toys are always much safer and include materials such as platinum medical-grade silicone, glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and Pyrex. All toys made and sold at Pussy Punch Toys are 100% Medical grade, Platinum Silicone. This means they are non Porous and completely Body Safe. 

All Toys made by PussyPunch Toys react to temperature! This means they are great for some hot or cold play time to mix up your sensations. Just soak your toy in water for 3-5 minutes to feel the difference!


  • Look for the term ‘medical grade’. Remember, Just because something is described as ‘body safe’ doesn’t mean that it is a medical grade silicone. For peace of mind ensure any maker you buy from can confirm that the silicone they use is medical grade and avoid any that do not use this term.  
  • Pigments and Glitters- All of our colour pigments and glitters are ethically sourced, vegan and approved by the Toy Making and FDA standards to allow full safety when using. Be safe and have fun!




Always take of your toys but mostly be safe and have fun!!