Collaboration, Reviews & Partnerships

At PussyPunchToys we love working with all you gorgeous and fun artists! You bring our toys to life with your personality and individual style. 

We always appreciate people reaching out to work with us, but as a smaller company we have to limit the amount of people we can work with at one time. 

That is why we have created this post to clarify and inform all of you who wish to work with us and our toys in the future. 

As a smaller company we are limited  on the amount of people we can work  with. To keep it fare we have decided  to draw a name randomly every 2-3  months at a time . The list will be entered digitally and updated monthly  to keep it fresh and valid, removing any names used and adding all new names as we go. This means  your name may not be drawn for some  time; but keeps a fair rotation that we  can monitor and use to ensure a wide variety of artists can work with us at different points in time. 

  • We know this seems a little strange, but we love working with you all and  wanted to find a way to keep it as fare and random as possible for us to keep up with. Once your name comes up, we will contact you straight away about what toy 

    options we would love to work with you on, including any new or exclusive toys that are not yet in store! 

  • If you would like your name adding to our list please let us know by submitting your name to us via email at 

  • Your name will stay on the list for as long as it takes, but we can’t give any date or time frame on when it will be chosen as its all in the hands of fate. This really is about keeping it as random as possible. We love the collective and varied energy of all of you and wish we could pick a new name every day! But, while we are growing this is the only way to ensure everyone has an equal shot at showing of their creative sides with our toys. 

    We hope your name is added and that we can work with you soon!!

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