Collaboration, Reviews & Partnerships




We love working with all you creative content creators and reviewers. You all have so many fun and unique ways of talking about and using our toys and as a small company we always honoured by your words and pictures. 


However, we are limited to the amount of collaborations we can do each year. This means that a lucky 5 people will be contacted each year to be asked if they would like to work with us. 


This does not mean that that we don’t want to hear from you!! please email us at if you would like to added to our potential collaboration list for the next year. Or alternatively contact us for a collab discount code and we will work with you on any purchases you have made. 


Remember if you make a purchase and share pictures and tag us on any social media we will happily send you a discount code for any future order! We love seeing you guys with your toys, you are all absolutely amazing!