Terms and Conditions   

The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases of all products made and sold by PussyPunchToys. The use and purchase of any products from our site constitutes your acceptance of the following terms in full.

By viewing and purchasing anything from this site you acknowledge that you are of the correct legal age for your country and are not purchasing for anyone below the legal age of your country. By Purchasing from our site you have checked the laws of your own country to obtain if the sale of sex toys is permitted. PussyPunchToys are not responsible for any toys purchased illegally, if we discover you are not legally permitted to purchase from our store, we will cancel your order and refund your money, unless the toy has already been made or is in the process of being made, in this case your money will not be refunded but your order will still be cancelled. PussyPunchToys takes no responsibility for the sale of toys in countries where it is illegal, it is not our job or function to find out the legality of each individual country, this responsibility lies on the buyer alone.

PussyPunchToys makes and sells items that are fully intended for adult use however no information given in any product description should be constituted as direction or instructions of personal use. The responsibility of toy use falls directly on the customer and PussyPunchToys accepts no liability for any pain or damages caused thereafter. The choice on how to use a product purchased from this site is the customers alone and PussyPunchToys takes no responsibility for miss-use or misconduct with their products, including any medical intervention that may arise from any misuse, we encourage all customers to use the toys responsibly but will not accept blame for customers who chose to act irresponsibly.

The toys are described in complete detail in store and customers are advised to ask any and all relevant questions before purchase, if a toy does not meet your expectation for any reason given in the store description we are not able to refund you unless there is a direct fault with the toy in question. 


If a purchase is made with no custom information, we will attempt to contact you twice over a 72 hour period, after this time a random colour/ size or even silicone firmness will be assigned to your order, we will not refund any toys made in choices you have not wanted, if it was not given before then end of the 72 hour wait. All Toys are handmade, which does mean colours and pours may vary and no 2 toys can be the exact same. This also means that drips, splashes or lines may appear that are not in the intended location. PussyPunchToys will not replace these toys but will refund them provided they are sent back unopened at the postage cost of the customer and within 30 days of receiving them. This includes toys that are striped or layered and may have colour spills; due too the toys handmade quality PussyPunchToys considers all toys that are aesthetically sound and body safe for use suitable for the customers and will not remake them without the above stated return of all toys unopened. PussyPunchToys are happy to chat with customers before any purchase to clarify this point if needed.


All toys will be sent out no sooner than 7 days after purchase and can take up to 14 days to create and set. This does not include shipping and delivery time. This is to ensure we make a toy of high quality or have time to remake a toy that has had some issues in the moulding process if required. If a toy is finished to a good standard, PussyPunchToys may dispatch it sooner, however, this does not mean that a second purchase will offer you the same quicker dispatch. Each toy has its own time line. PussyPunchToys aims to get all toys dispatched before the 14 day mark has passed and will message you if it goes beyond that point with an update on what has caused the delay. All PussyPunchToys terms follow and abide by English law to ensure safety, and standards an all products and orders and to ensure customer protection when purchasing. 

Please be aware that PussyPunchToys will always help you and talk you through the refund or return request but will not be able to refund any postage, as it has already been spent on your item. This includes any international and all uk items. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to verify emails and address details before point of sale and PussyPunchToys will not refund or replace any loss that occurs as a result of this neglect or oversight, please check address details are clear and correct before sale. Charges for customs and VAT or Tax maybe added at delivery in accordance to your countries law and regulations and PussyPunchToys is not responsible for this payment or charge. A delivery charge will be added at payment, this will differ based on destination and is not changeable, the price is based on delivery charges for your country based on Royal Mails regular calculation for the weight of product and destination. PussyPunchToys makes no profit from postage charges. All free post sent through PussyPunchToys is trackable using Royal Mail 48 hour service. 

All international post is sent tracked through Royal Mail.

If Tracking number has been supplied and the parcel has been shown as delivered then PussyPunchToys will not accept the responsibility of any loss due to customers misplacement or inability to follow any note left by the postal provider. Once A parcel has been marked and shown as delivered PussyPunchToys will not replace or remake your toy without a second purchase. PussyPunchToys are happy to discuss discount opportunities for future replacements with the understanding that the customer will pay for any and all future post. All future post will be sent via a signed for and tracked postal service that will be paid for by the customer to ensure no future issues occur.  


More information can be found in our FAQ section.

We are always happy to talk you through any of these points so feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have. 

Thank You