FAQ -  Toy Care

Do you make custom toys? Hell yer! Here at PussyPunchToys We love to get creative with our customers. You guys have the best ideas and give us a chance to see our designs in a range of new colours and sizes. Also, we are always looking for new designs, so if you had a particular toy in mind we are more than happy to chat and see if it's something we can achieve for you. We are pretty friendly, so just drop us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.


Will The Name PussyPunchToys appear on my bank statement or Post? No, we understand that sometimes you want to hide what you're buying because its private or a surprise. So we have made it easier by having our stores name appear as PPT on any statements. We are also willing to discuss other payment options if you want to keep it even more concealed. And all store names are hidden while posting, its just our little secret. 

Do you resell toys that have been returned?

Nope! We are really aware of the hygiene risk of reselling toys. So we never pass on used toys, ever. All toys are custom made, so your order will have only been made for you. 

Why should I trust PussyPunchToys? Glad you asked! Did you know that most of the adult toy industry is unregulated? PussyPunchToys guarantees that every toy is designed by us and hand poured using only high quality, platinum cured silicone, making them uniquely fun as well as 100% body safe and non toxic. We strive to provide high quality and allow all customers a chance to customise their toys in as many ways as possible, from the marbled colours, the choice of glow in the dark and glitters to the firmness, every choice is yours to make a toy that is completely unique to you! 


What kind of lubricant can I use with my new toy?  When it comes to knowing what Lube to use for your toy, water based lubricants are always the the best choice, especially if you want to guarantee a long happy life for your new silicone. Water based Lubricants are easily sourced and cheaply found online or in most pharmacies, alternatively you can always keep it natural with oils such as coconut to keep things slippery and healthy.  Please STAY CLEAR OF SILICONE BASED LUBRICANTS! this is because a silicone toy will react to a silicone lubricant and the surface of your new toy can start to deteriorate, making them less body safe for you to use. So to get the most life and pleasure from your new toy, remember to keep thing water based and natural.


Are all your toys body safe?  Yes! At PussyPunchToys we promise you only the safest materials available. All of our Silicone is skin safe and medical grade platinum, meaning it is 100% chemical free and safe for personal use. The silicone manufacture that supplies us has been certified by an independent laboratory, to assure its users it has passed all tests for ‘irritation and skin sensitisation’ meaning it has no found irritants at all in its fully cured state. We also ensure that all our pigments and glitters are fully FDA and EN72 approved as well as ethically sourced and fully vegan. This is to avoid any nasty chemical smells or reactions that might hinder your play time. Sex toys should be fun, not a health concern, so we make them for everybody’s body to be safe.


Care instructions?  When you first receive your new toy its always a good idea to give it a quick clean before use. Although all PussyPunchToys are fully sterilised before they are packed its always safer to give it a quick rinse before any play time, just to be extra safe and for your own peace of mind. We also have a handy care sheet on our Direct Links  page and in our info section at the top of this page, that has more details in regard to proper care for your toy, if you would like this sent to you in an email or printed version, please let us know and we will get you a copy ASAP. 


FAQ -  Post and Delivery 

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?  We aim to ship all custom made toys out within 2-3 weeks although we are usually a lot faster. If the order is large or complex with a multitude of customisation then the order may take a few days longer, but we will always keep you updated on the process or give you any estimated times upon request. Never be afraid to ask, we don’t mind and we are quite nice.


Will i have to pay any customs or import tax?  Yes. All buyers are responsible for any and all extra import taxes that may apply. Unfortunately these things are entirely out of our control and vary depending on country and international law which we are really sorry about. We are not responsible for any delays caused by customs but we will supply all international post with a tracking number to help you follow its journey. Although most arrive between 7-10 days as an average through Royal Mail Tracked.


Will my post have the word Dildo or Pussy on it?? - Will it be Discreet?  Ok, so we all know that this is a pretty big question. No one wants their mailman looking at the enclosed items and seeing something naughty. Here at PussyPunchToys we use completely discreet packaging. The box is plain, the label is plain and we don’t put the name of the store ANYWHERE in site. For international post we are by law asked to describe the items contents but we usually stick with the vague term “Novelty Item”. This ensures complete discretion while obeying customs terms. 


What postal service do you use? For all free post from the UK we use Royal Mail 48 hour signed for.  Which means we can chase it up and see when it has been delivered.  We use Royal Mail international tracked for anything worldwide. This is to allow us the ability to contact and track your parcel as well as offering us more international options for security and customs.

Please be aware that large items or toys over £100 will often need a signature to confirm receipt in uk and worldwide. If no one is available then they may ask a neighbour or leave the package at your local post office for collection. in this occurrence the Mailman will leave a card to notify you. We will be able to track your parcel if its first class, so will know if it is with a neighbour or post office, but we cannot contact them for you. The duty of care falls to you once the postman has attempted delivery. Royal Mail will only hold a parcel for 5 days before returning it to us, this is for uk and international orders, so please do not delay in collecting your item, we will not pay for postage on a second delivery attempt. If this situation does occur, we are more than happy to resend the toy but the postal fee will need to be paid before shipping.

What about Returns? Sadly, due to the nature of our product we are unable to accept returns. However if a toy arrives and you would like a refund as it is not what you wanted or isn’t how you imagined it. We will accept a return for a full refund (excluding postage) As long as we are contacted within 3 days of its arrival and the item has NOT been opened or used. if the toy is returned to us and has been used or opened, we will not be able to refund you. Please be aware that PussyPunchToys will always help you and talk you through the refund or return request but will not be able to refund any postage, as it has already been spent on your item. This includes any international and all uk items. 


How long will delivery take?  This is sadly not an easy question to answer, Royal Mail usually take 3-7 days for all UK deliveries. However during peak times or strikes they have been known to take a lot longer. Royal Mail do not consider an item as lost until 80 days have past. This is a considerably long wait that we think is unfair, which is why we track all post. The tracking will allow you to see where it is and how long it's been at that location. In our experience, if the item hasn’t moved on the tracking for more than 14 working days, it's normally a good indication that it is sadly lost. if this is the case, please contact Royal Mail to find who will hopefully find s solution for you. For international shipping, Royal Mail try to deliver within 12 working days. However this often varies due to different customs and tax laws in individual countries. The standard delivery time that we have found, seems to be about 7-12 working days however this will take longer during peak times or strikes. Always message us if you have any worries or questions as we are happy to help where we can. 

 What If my Post says it was delivered but i didn't receive it?   If a Tracking number has been supplied and the parcel has been shown as delivered then PussyPunchToys will not accept the responsibility of any loss due to customers misplacement or inability to follow any note left by postal provider. Once A parcel has been marked and shown as delivered PussyPunchToys will not replace or remake your toy without a second purchase. However, if no tracking number has been given then PussyPunchToys will happily discuss a refund or replacement with you. whatever the outcome, PussyPunchToys are happy to talk with you and come to an agreement that works to your best interest .


For more information, please visit our T&C Page or send us a quick message, we are always happy to help in anyway that we can.