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Mini Mystery Box!

Mini Mystery Box!

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Take a shot on a PussyPunchToys Surprise Box!

Each box will contain a mixture of toys, all adding up to the cost of the the box. This means there could be any number of toys, as we make each box differently to ensure a unique surprise for all! We promise that your box will add up to at least the price paid but we will not give any indication of choice or outcome. we like to keep it as secret as possible. 

You can message us or leave a request for certain colours that you prefer or dislike to ensure your toys match your personal style but all other choices will be a surprise made by the Pussy Punch Team.


Each PussyPunchToy is custom made to order! This means that you can ask for a variety of colours and combinations that will be unique to you! the colours available are in the colour chart or can be sent to you upon request. All colours can be made with or without glitter, All our pigments and products are fully vegan and ethically sourced for peace of mind while you play!!


Every single one of PussyPunchToy is made with 100% pure medical grade, cured platinum silicone ensuring they are completely body safe and chemical free. They are made with the highest quality product and with lots of love and care to ensure that your toy time is safe as well as fun. This silicone is non toxic with no nasty smells or textures and is available in different strengths.

This toy is available in :-
Soft silicone
Medium silicone
Firm silicone



Care for your PussyPunchToy is essential, and with my medical grade platinum silicone range of toys its very easy! Just be sure to use warm soapy water after use and store your toy in a dry and safe place. If you require more information, just find my handy care sheet on my link page using the following link.


All items are shipped out within one week of receiving your colour choice and personal creation details from right here in the UK, they are all individually wrapped discreetly and safely and will arrive within 3-5 working days (UK)

Please be aware that international orders may take up to 2 weeks or more due to different international and custom laws, but fingers crossed it won't be long. If you have any question or concerns, message me at any time!! I am always happy to help and advise in any way that I can or check out our F&Q sheet.



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